The Diplomat “Haunted” Hotel

The Diplomat HotelOne afternoon, my boyfriend and i were chit-chatting through a virtual messenger. He showed me a great picture that gives a creepy feeling. Really an eye-catchy one. Well, plus the fact that my boyfriend is really an amazing photographer but that was just his hobby.ehheem :p hehe. One of the most visited haunted grounds during Halloween is The Diplomat “Haunted” Hotel located at Dominican Road in Baguio City.Together with his family,they went to Baguio to celebrate his mom’s birthday. Favorite place of lots of spirit questors to search for haunted spirits.Photographers and other tourists as well.He and his father are really into photography and they went to the famous “Haunted Hotel” in Baguio City. My hometown is in Pangasinan and one of my favorite destination is Baguio City. My friends and i during our high school days, excursion in Baguio City is what we loved.It takes only 2-3 hours to travel from my hometown to Baguio but never seen that establishment still. And as i have known its history,it really catches my curious mind. In the early 1900’s, the establishment was originally used as a school but when it was occupied by Dominican Friars, it became into a vacation house. Through out the duration of World War II, it became a refugee camp.The building bombed by Japanese forces causing damages leaving the establishment being deserted.1973 came and the property was being undertaken by Diplomats Hotels, Inc.. They attempted to remodel the interior into a 33-bedroom hotel with modern facilities inspired by the American colonial era as a first class hotel but after the death of one of the major stockholders, the operations were discontinued… According to some visitors, weird and unearthly noises, hush voices and haunted screams can be heard from the hotel. Some say, a headless apparition with its head on a platter had been seen here too. Creepy it is……

-Credits to Jericho “Jewo” Navarro for the image(s)


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