In-heat-Roaring Engines

In-heat Roaring Engines

My boyfriend wants to watch a car drifting event and so we did. We went to Greenhills to watch a Car Drifting Competition.

My boyfriend is also into all-about-car thingy slash photographer :p .

I am really not into motor sports but since he likes and wants it,oh okkaayyyy…I’ll support him on whatever he wants as long as it will only do GOOD.. But since then, i kinda liked it. I am fascinated while watching those cars goes in circles, where the driver intentionally skid the rear tires through turns with “in-heat-roaring” engines while at high speed and in good angles..In-heat-Roaring Engines The more i get to know the rules of the game, the more i get interested with it.

There are typically two sessions drifters must have to pass in order to win the battle. The qualifying or practice session and the final session. During the finals, there are tandem passes or what they called the”chase attack”. Drivers were paired off, each driver taking a turn to lead and the other one must follow, but have to maintain the close gap while chasing the first one to win the pass.

Inversely, increasing the lead under the drift conditions is the goal of the first entrant drifter. Obviously,In-heat-Roaring Engines only one driver will prevail. I had goosebumps while watching the game, shivers to my spine. My heart was falling and exploding but it is absolutely an amazing experience.

-Credits to Jericho “Jewo” Navarro for the images


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